Weather vagaries

Last week weather in the 70’s encouraged daffodils, forsythia, magnolias and even some cherries to bloom, while we still have the early blooming hellebores and squill in our yards and gardens. This week started with very cold nights. Now we can only wait and hope that we’ll still have our lilacs and other flowering shrubs […]

Bowl of Beauty Peony

This morning I picked the last of my peonies, to combine with foxgloves, ferns and ivy for a flower arrangement. It is a sad thing to see the end of the peonies – they are spectacular in the garden and make lovely cut flowers.


Spring Cleaning

The cool weather is a bonus for gardeners. Plants are less shocked by division and transplanting in this weather.


Choices: to Blog or to Garden?

It’s hard to find time for both at this time of year.


Watching the Garden Grow

Everyday sees new plants emerging and unfolding in the garden. The hostas are visibly larger each morning,


First Salad from this year's garden

Tonight’s dinner included the first salad that was totally harvested from our yard.


Spring Flowers

The forsythia is blooming, along with the squill and early daffodils. It’s time to finish any yard and garden cleanup, and think about preventing weeds.