Lyman Estate Greenhouses

For a promise of spring, try visiting the oldest continually operating greenhouses in the US. I love visiting this delightful rabbit warren of glasshouses in late February through early March. The camellias, orchids, begonias, bougainvillea and many other blooming plants, as well as ferns, succulents and many other plants fill the greenhouses, along unmistakable smell […]

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

We visited this garden in early August. The Botanical Garden opened in 2007, and is still developing parts of the nearly 250 acres in coastal Boothbay, Maine. Completed sections include a kitchen garden, natural woodlands, waterfalls, fountains, a meditation garden and a children’s garden.

The Botanical Garden includes many exciting new varieties of familiar […]

Arboretum at UC Davis

The University of California at Davis has a beautiful, 100-acre arboretum that is free […]

Clos Pegase

Napa Valley is wonderful to visit for the food and wine. Scenic views and interesting gardens are also abundant. This view was perhaps lovelier because of the rainy day.