Plant Sale Today

Today is my second annual plant sale from 9:00 am – 1:00pm. Stop by at 28 Pleasant Street, Groton, MA to check out proven performers from my garden and some unusual perennials purchased for the sale.

One of my favorite new plants at the sale is Clematis integrifolia. This clematis has a sprawling bushy habit, […]

May 29 – Plant Sale Details

The Plant sale will be at 28 Pleasant St Groton, MA from 9am to 1pm

The sale features reliable performers from my garden, unusual perennials purchased from a premier nursery, and some heirloom tomatoes and a few other herbs and vegetables

More about plants for sale

If you are curious about any of the plants I have purchased for my sale, they have all come from VanBerkum Nursery, considered the finest wholesale Nursery in New England. You can view photos and descriptions of plants atn under “Perennials Photos & Info.”

I am especially excited about the two non-vining clematis – […]

New and unusual plants for sale

I found some unusual plants at the wholesale nursery, and coudn’t resist buying them for my sale on May 29.


Second Annual Plant Sale – May 29th

I have been busy digging, dividing, weeding and cleaning the garden.


Spring Cleaning

The cool weather is a bonus for gardeners. Plants are less shocked by division and transplanting in this weather.


Choices: to Blog or to Garden?

It’s hard to find time for both at this time of year.


Bat Sighting

Around 7:30 last night, as we stood outside talking with a friend,

Watching the Garden Grow

Everyday sees new plants emerging and unfolding in the garden. The hostas are visibly larger each morning,