Jeffersonia diphylla

 We are enjoying a perfect year for this spring flower.  Many years I’ve patiently watched the leaves emerge from the ground, and slowly unfurl in pairs. The flower buds develop and swell. Finally the buds are fat, and obviously about to open their petals – among the first blooms in the garden.

I have often been disappointed by this plant. Heading off to measure a client’s yard, to buy plants, or on other errands that keep me away from my gardens all day, knowing that the Twinleaf is about to bloom. The temperature has suddenly soared, all of the flowers have opened, and dropped all of their petals before i return home. 

This year’s cooler weather makes a difference. I am enjoying the fourth day of bloom from this lovely plant, as the blossoms stagger their short-lived blooms. Soon they will be gone, and the plant will become taller, as the odd, pear-shaped seed stalks develop and reach above the leaves.

This delightful plant is native to Northeast America (though not to Massachusetts. It thrives in the deciduous woodlands with ample moisture.

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