Arboretum at UC Davis

The University of California at Davis has a beautiful, 100-acre arboretum that is free of charge, and open 24 hours a day. (There is a small charge for parking.) The arboretum is long and narrowing, with plantings and gardens along both sides of Putah Creek.
In mid-March the prostrate rosemary bloomed while draping over the wall of this enclosed herb garden. An upright variety is below the wall, and to the left of the fountain.

Fountain at UC Davis Arboretum


 This combination of sedum varieties with stones creates a beautiful, yet simple, tapestry of texture and color. 

Tapestry of Sedum & Stone


When visiting gardens and arboretums, I usually focus on the plants. This day I was amused by the plethora of ducks! This pair of ducks were particularly fascinating – are they sporting top-knots? or wearing berets?  

Ducks with top knots


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