Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

We visited this garden in early August. The Botanical Garden opened in 2007, and is still developing parts of the nearly 250 acres in coastal Boothbay, Maine. Completed sections  include a kitchen garden, natural woodlands, waterfalls, fountains, a meditation garden and a children’s garden.

 The Botanical Garden includes many exciting new varieties of familiar plants.  Plantings in the children’s garden, and near the Visitor’s center are well-labelled – a plus for the avid gardener.Coreopsis ‘Cosmic Eye’ is dramatic.


There are several water gardens and water features in the Garden. This waterlily was beautifully sunlit.

A  large, polished stone urn is perfectly scaled for use as a  fountain in this large open space, and contrasts beautifully with the natural stone and ferns. 

Stone is used for a different effect in the meditation garden. This fountain appears to be made of natural stone. Parts of the rim, and the bowl are carved and highly polished stone.

This section of the garden is focussed around the meditation fountain. Though large, the area feels private and peaceful. The meditation fountain has wonderfully contrasting sections of natural, carved and highly polished stone. It is soothing to dabble in the water, and feel the smooth texture of the wet, polished stone.

As I was leaving the meditation garden, I noticed a lovely patch of Cornus canadensis (Bunchberry) with flowers and berries.

One of the newer projects at the Garden is this waterfall. The photo was taken from the top of a small hill, looking down and across to the waterfall.

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